“A Power Packed Experience”

Lennox Lewis Boxing Camp Hanover Jamaica July 2016

During the summer of 2015, the League of Champions Foundation founders, Lennox and Violet Lewis had a vision to bring the Sport of Boxing to the country of Jamaica as a part of the foundation’s mission to nurture young people to strengthen their innate physical and mental ability to develop a high level of academic prowess, discipline, self-esteem, and confidence through the World of Boxing. With a lot of hard work and the support of the LOC Board of Directors, our donors, and businesses across the globe; we are happy to announce that July 25, 2016 marked the first day of the inaugural Lennox Lewis Boxing Camp in Hanover, Jamaica!

With the assistance of members from the Hanover Charities committee the foundation was able to host a six-day camp at Hopewell High School where our male participants ages 9-17 years old were given camp shirts for each day, shorts, socks, underwear, hygiene products, and two hot meals (breakfast and lunch) to ensure they were ready for each day. In addition to the camp gear, every student received a physical exam by our program partner Dr. Clive McKenzie of Orchard Clinic in Hopewell. Dr. McKenzie provided excellent care and informed our camp staff of each student who had a medical issue such as asthma or even a skin rash. The physical exams even revealed that one of our campers should have a follow up with a cardiologist and Dr. McKenzie insisted that we monitored the student’s physical activity closely during the camp. The sport of boxing requires a lot of cardio activity and stamina, our partnership with the Orchid Clinic proved to be an invaluable resource.

Although our founder is the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World, he felt it was important to invite his colleague and boxing trainer Castro Brown of Kingston to support our outreach efforts. Mr. Brown brought in his amateur boxers, Michael Gardener, Kestna Davis, Carlos Dwyer, and professional boxer Kemahl Russell (all from Kingston) to assist with all forty-one of our students. The Kingston coaching team not only made a powerful impact on the level of education and training the campers received, they also added a great level of familiarity for the students as they learned from boxers who are from their native country which made a tremendous. The young coaches gave their Heart & Soul to the students. They showed up every day ready to work hard and share their knowledge of boxing with each student who wanted to learn. The beauty of watching the boxing coaches encourage our young people as they pushed pass their fears and showed their inner strength was life changing.

Our staff and campers started each day at 7:45 a.m. with a morning run, calisthenics, and stretching; then ended each day at 4:00 p.m. after learning the art of boxing with jabs, boxing stances, and sparring.

The LOC Foundation entered into our inaugural boxing camp with the mindset that we were giving the community of Hanover a much needed resource. What we soon discovered, was how galvanized we all would become by linking the community together and witnessing the spirit of hope and well being as we committed to inspire the “Next Generation of Champions”.

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