LOCF Partners with BREDs in Treasure Beach, Jamaica

TREASURE BEACH, JAMAICA: The Lennox Lewis League of Champions Foundation and Breds, the Treasure Beach Foundation have partnered this summer to offer the LOCF Summer Youth Boxing Camp in Treasure Beach, St Elizabeth. The camp will run from July 17 to 22, 2017, and is open to boys and girls aged 9 to 17.

“This is an exciting step for us, because although the plan for the program has always been to expand nationally, this is our first time away from Hopewell, where we’ve been from the start,” said LOCF Co-Founder and CEO Violet Lewis.

In July, the camp will be held at the Treasure Beach Sports Complex, which was built by Breds and is open to both the community as well as to sports teams or groups who visit the seaside community. 

Treasure Beach is located on Jamaica’s south coast, in the parish of St Elizabeth, an area known as the “breadbasket of Jamaica” for the many farms there. Despite having no large hotels, the community attracts a large number of tourists, attracted to the seclusion and rural community atmosphere.

“Its almost the perfect location: its quiet, no distractions, the food is fresh and the air is clean. Treasure Beach is fantastic because there’s just the natural beauty of Jamaica and some good infrastructure for athletes to have intense, focused training.  The environment is perfect for us to engage our campers mind and body.,” said LOCF Chairman, Lennox Lewis. 

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